Mineraria Collection

Mineraria Collection, Language of Possibilities" is a design project born as an Tribute to Nature and Art, with the desire to create Nature-related luxury accessories. 

Nature is the protagonist for responsible material choices, in which both wood and high-quartz enriched stones (Minerals) have a key relevance:  the organic and circular shapes are here giving homage to the irregularity and freedom of natural elements.

The collection is composed by a line of bags in fabric and leather (from company surplus) and a special collection of 100% natural ewel clutches leading to the so-called “Sculpture bag”, made with ash wood and maxi stones high in quartz content.

For completeness, the collection offers as well small accessories such as the Pepita macro earrings, composed of a walnut wood frame and a quartzite / marble stone inside.

All the products have been handcrafted in Italy, specifically in the south of Puglia, thanks to the support of local artisans.